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"Play Football with Pele"

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We expect you already know that Pele was born on the 23rd of October, 1940 in Tres Coracoes, Minas Gerias. He spent his childhood in the city of Bauru, the state of Sao Paulo. In 1956 he came to Santos where his trainer was Waldemar de Brito. Two years later, when he was only seventeen years old, he was awarded the World Cup winner’s medal. And you all know what happened after that. Pele became the greatest athlete in the world and most talented of all soccer players. Up until now he has broken all the records in soccer and if all his successes were written down they would fill an encyclopedia.

Pele - Presentation By Julio Mazzei - Learn To Play Soccer - Edson Arantes do Nascimento
Pele – Presentation By Julio Mazzei – Learn To Play Soccer

In spite of all this, Pele himself hasn’t changed. He is the same simple and unaffected boy that he was the day he arrived at Santos.

“If you weren’t Pele, King of Soccer, what great man would you like to be?” a reporter once asked him.

“Dondinho, my father” Pele replied.

That’s the way Pele is, and that is why he is the man most admired and liked in Brazil. He has also said: “Everything that I have seen and learned in my life has convinced me that we are equal and all brothers.”

Will there ever be another Pele? We believe that is almost impossible because Pele is a marvelous combination of man, athlete and genius.

So we are inviting you to come with us into the wonderful world of Pele. Come and play with him.

Julio Mazzei