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Edson Arantes do Nascimento

The Greatest Football / Soccer Player o f All Time. Multiple World Cup Winner, Most Goals and  Athlete of the Century are just a few of his accomplishments.

Pele's International Honors

1958 FIFA World Cup - Winner
1959 Copa America - Finalist
1959 Copa America Top Score
1962 FIFA World Cup - Winner
1966 FIFA World Cup - 1st Round
1970 FIFA World Cup - Winner
1999 IOC Athete of the Century
1999 FIFA Athete of the Century
2014 FIFA Ballon d'Or - Winner

Pele's Teams & Titles

1 2 8 2

1282 goals / 1363 Matches World Record
Top Brazilian - All-time Goalscorer
< 92 Caps  /  97 Goals >


1958-1970 Confederação Brasileira de Futebo (CBF)
1956-1974 Santos
1975-1977 New York Cosmos

Pele's Clubs Titles

1956 Sao Paulo State Champion (Santos)

1957 Top Goalscorer Sao Paulo League (17)

1958 Sao Paulo State Champion (Santos)

1958 Top Goalscorer Sao Paulo League (58)

1959 Copa America Finalist

1959 Top Goalscorer Sao Paulo League (45)

1960 Sao Paulo State Champion (Santos)

1960 Top Goalscorer Sao Paulo League (33)

1961 Sao Paulo State Champion (Santos)

1961 Top Goalscorer Sao Paulo League (47)

1961 Copa Libertadores (Santos)

1961 Brazilian Cup Winner (Santos)

1962 Sao Paulo State Champion (Santos)

1962 Top Goalscorer Sao Paulo League (37)

1962 Copa Libertadores (Santos)

1962 World Club Champion (Santos)

1962 Brazilian Cup Winner (Santos)

1963 Top Goalscorer Sao Paulo League (22)

1963 World Club Champion (Santos)

1963 Brazilian Cup Winner (Santos)

1964 Sao Paulo State Champion (Santos)

1964 Top Goalscorer Sao Paulo League (34)

1964 Brazilian Cup Winner (Santos)

1965 Top Goalscorer Sao Paulo League (49)

1965 Sao Paulo State Champion (Santos)

1965 Brazilian Cup Winner (Santos)

1967 Sao Paulo State Champion (Santos)

1968 Sao Paulo State Champion(Santos)

1968 Brazilian Cup Winner (Santos)

1969 Sao Paulo State Champion (Santos)

1969 Top Goalscorer Sao Paulo League (26)

1973 Sao Paulo State Champion (Santos)

1973 Top Goalscorer Sao Paulo League (11)

1977 USA Champion (Cosmos New York)


Pele named NOC's Top Athlete of the Century

Friday December 17, 1999

In claiming the award, Pele beat out a list of Olympic greats including Muhammad Ali and Carl Lewis. AP

LAUSANNE, Switzerland (AP) — The world’s National Olympics Committees have voted Brazilian soccer star Pele as No. 1 in their top five Athletes of the Century even though he’s the only one of the five who didn’t take part in the Olympics.

Behind Pele come Muhammad Ali, who won the Olympic light-heavyweight boxing title in 1960 before becoming a heavyweight megastar as a pro, Carl Lewis, who won nine athletics gold medals in four Games between 1984-96, basketball star Michael Jordan, who was among the United States “Dream Team” gold medalists in ’92, and Mark Spitz, who won seven swimming titles at the ’72 Games at Munich.

The NOCs also listed their top five leaders in sport with Baron Pierre de Coubertin, architect of the modern Olympics and International Olympic Committee president from 1896-1925, as No. 1 ahead of current IOC president Juan Antonio Samaranch, who has held the position since 1980.

Former FIFA president Joao Havelange was third ahead of Primo Nebiolo, who was president of the International Amateur Athletic Federation for 18 years until his death last month, and Avery Brundage, IOC president from 1952-72.