Learn To Play Soccer With Pele

Thanks for your interest in learning to play soccer with Pele. We at 360 Soccer came into possesion of a "Play Football with Pele", 1976, and honestly believe we needed to share the numerous invaluable soccer lessons provided by "O Rei" in this book. We have attempted to accurately reproduce the form and content of this instructional manual.

The game of Soccer will become more fun and rewarding if you take the time to learn his lessons about the game and life as presented in these pages.

360 Soccer - Play Soccer/Football with Pele!  

Table of Contents

i - Introduction (Pele)

ii - Presentation (Julio Mazzei)

Chapter 1 - Controlling the Ball

Chapter 2 - The Pass

Chapter 3 - The Header

Chapter 4 - The Kick

Chapter 5 - The Feint and the Dribble

Chapter 6 - Stopping or "Killing" the Ball

Chapter 7 - Steering the Ball

Chapter 8 - The Free Kick and Penalty

Chapter 9 - The Goalkeeper

Chapter 10 - The Throw-In

Chapter 11 - General Hints

Chapter 12 - Conclusions


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