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AC Cruz Azul - History

Atletico Club Cruz Azul


2019 Otto Massara Cup Champions

2017 Otto Massara Cup Champions

2015 & 2016 Peri Clark Cup Champions

2015 Otto Massara Cup Champions

2013/14 CCSL Premier Division Champions

2013 Otto Massara Cup Champions

2010 Peri Clark Cup Champions

2005 Gold Cup Open Champions

2003 & 2004 Peri Clark Cup Champions

2000/2001 CCSL Premier Division Champions

2000 & 2001 Gold Cup Open Champions

1998 Northern Cal. Open State Cup Champions

1996/1997 CCSL Premier Division Champions

1995/1996 CCSL Premier Division Champions



ACCA History

Today's Cruz Azul team started in the early 1960's as a recreational team for the inner city's youth. Comprised mainly of Mexican-American youths. This team experienced many successfull seasons in youth soccer playing under such names as La Fiesta, Clippers and eventually Cruz Azul. This same team entered the Central California Soccer League and within a few years won the Second Division circa 1975 and advanced to the Premier Division of today. The ACCA holds the distinction of being one of the longest lived teams in the CCSL's highest divisions.

Back in the Day

Hope you enjoy stepping back in time with the Atletico Club Cruz Azul. From the first days in the red and black La Fiesta "Atlas" uniforms and practicing at Levi Park on to numerous pitches and ultimately the Central California Soccer League and "Southside" Park.

If you have any photos to share or can identify players, or even entire teams, send us an email so you can get your photos posted and player information updated.


Our Teams, Friends and Fans Through the Years . . . 


Pre-Cruz Azul Teams & Friends (60's)


  • 1966_la_fiesta
  • 1967_la_fiesta
  • 1968_la_fiesta


Cruz Azul Team & Friends (70's & 80's)


  • 1971_cruz_azul_1
  • 1972_cruz_azul_2
  • 1973_cruz_azul
  • 1976_cruz_azul_1
  • 1976_cruz_azul_2
  • 1977_cruz_azul_1
  • 1977_cruz_azul_2
  • 1977_cruz_azul_3
  • 1978_csus_1
  • 1979_cruz_azul_1
  • 1981_cruz_azul_1
  • 1988_acca__01
  • 1988_acca__02


AC Cruz Azul Team & Friends (90's & Beyond)


  • 1991_acca_1
  • 1991_acca_2
  • 1992_acca__01
  • 1992_acca__02
  • 1998_acca_1
  • 2001_acca_1
  • 2003_acca_1
  • 2003_acca_2
  • 2007_acca_1
  • 2007_acca_2
  • 2008_acca
  • 2008_acca_2
  • 2009_acca
  • 2011_acca
  • 2014_acca_01
  • 2014_acca_02


AC Cruz Azul - Champions - Otto Masarra Cup 2015







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