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Frequently Asked Questions


General FAQ's

Do you accept advertising on your site?
Yes. We are happy to entertain your advertising ideas and offers. Simply send us an email to initiate dialogue about advertising our our site.

I paid for my magazine but have not received it - where is it?
If you are referring to 360 Soccer Magazine, we are not associated, nor affiliated with the hard copy publication. Please take any related matters up directly with them.

Who is going to win the next World Cup?
That is hard to say. I have some thoughts and a less than perfect selection in mind.


Pele FAQ's

Can you provide contact information for Pele?
Unfortunately, no. Place yourself in his soccer cleats. Would you or could you be able to read and respond to to all the emails and contacts you would receive?

Where can I get Pele memorabilia and collectibles?
You can utilize "ebay" to find many Pele items plus other on-line merchants. We recommend you utilize reputable sports memorabilia merchants. Do you your due diligence and protect your investment.

Did you really meet and spend time with Pele?
Yes! We were fortunate enough to help promote a limited edition Pele lithograph and spent a weekend with him in Las Vegas. You can read about the weekend on our "My Weekend With Pele" article under the Pele menu.


US Soccer FAQ's

How can the US soccer program get better?
Not certain. But, am intrigued by Jurgen's ideas about implementing a European style academy system here in the US. The US is much larger than England, Spain, Germany, ... so an academy system would pose some logistical challenges. But am certain that the geographic hurdles can be dealt with allowing every prospective new talent an opportunity. Maybe the US could have four regional academies that would feed into a pro and US national academy system.

Why is the USA still lagging in quality soccer and soccer players?
True. The United States soccer program, as a whole, still needs much more development and maturity. However, I am please to see the continued progress made by our home grown talent and professional teams.




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