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History and Awards

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Back in 1995 we offered the internet community my Futbol, Futbol y mas Futbol web site with the intent of providing the soccer lover with a comprehensive, one stop way for finding almost anything about soccer.

During the Futbol, Futbol y mas Futbol years the site received many awards and recognitions and some of them are listed below:

    96/03 - "the .net", European magazine awards my Pel? page three out of four stars
    96/07 - The Soccer Patch selects Futbol, Futbol y Mas Futbol Site of the Month
    96/09 - Futbol Soccer El Salvador selects my pages as the Site of the Week
    96/09 - The Net, US magazine rated Content as Excellent, Aesthetics & TechoSmart as Good
    97/01 - The WebSite of Soccer Excellence from The Game Behind the Game
    98/06 - Selected by Ulysse - The Best of Internet

While the site transitioned from a hobby to a full fledged commercial domain, 360 Soccer pledges to still be your one stop, comprehensive web site for just about everything surrounding the global game.

Over the years we have made many friends via the internet and am proud to offer my new soccer site to them and all the new visitors. If you have some ideas, suggestions or questions please send us an email via our "Communicate with 360 Soccer" link on our pages.

Tell your friends, teammates and coaches about 360 Soccer and don't forget to bookmark this site.


360 Soccer

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