360 Soccer - A Home for the Beautiful Game

360 Soccer - A Home for the Beautiful Game!




Both Inter And AC Milan At Mercy Of Argentine Forwards | Paddy…

Both Mauro Icardi and Gonzalo Higuain are proving vital to their respective...


St Helena Attempting To Make International Debut | Steve Menary

The island is looking to raise funds to compete in the Island...


Jorge Sampoali Thrown In At Deep-End | Tim Vickery

After a disastrous World Cup with Argentina, Sampoali has many problems at...


Clubs Need To Respect FA Cup Traditions | Brian Glanville

Coaches playing weakened teams in the FA Cup is damaging the competition...


Polemics Over Italian Supercoppa Final In Jeddah Next Week | Paddy Agnew

The Italian Supercoppa final will be played in Saudi Arabia, which divides...


Peruvian Cup Is Tournament Like No Other | Tim Vickery

The Peruvian Cup is a one of a kind tournament according to...


Try a new read for New Year with a subscription trial

Subscribe to World Soccer and get 6 issues for just £6Subscribe to...


Claudio Ranieri Mistake Nearly Costs Fulham | Brian Glanville

In a match between Fulham and Huddersfield, Ranieri nearly made a costly...





AFC forced to delete insensitive Yemen explosion video

The governing body definitely didn't think this one through


Leeds United trolled by Pizza Hut

A brief twitter exchange between the two escalated quickly with the English...


Valverde not worried about Levante's Copa appeal

While the compaint has been raised that the club fielded an ineligible...

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360 Soccer - A Home for the Beautiful Game!

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360 Soccer - A Home for the Beautiful Game!